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We do what we do because we're passionate about seeing others achieve!

we love seeing our client's

start-ups become absolute success stories!


With that said, the above services are a guideline of our costs & can be tailored further if multiple services are to be purchased.


Clients become family here at Miami Digital.


Get under our wing - we have plenty of creativity to share.

Meet Stef

Hello! it's me, Stef!


I'm a lover of  web design and content creation, I also love to take care of social media for businesses which is why I started Miami Digital.

Miami Digital is based on the sunny Gold Coast, in Australia and was born in late 2020, after a crazy year of  uncertainty  of the Covid-19 tsunami.

I had an urge to create a future for myself while being completely independent.

My background is in Fashion, I was born and raised in Milan, Italy and I have worked and studied fashion all my life.

I have also worked for prestigious brand such Armani in the HQ in Milan, which made me travel the world for a whole year...(yes so cool).

My clients describe me as bubbly, professional, patience, down to earth and that I over deliver expectations.

So, why not let us create your web design and socials with beautifully curated content, and strategies to match?

Social media and creating engaging content can be challenging; that's why we're here to assist all your needs with a tailored service suited to your business. 

Clients become family here at Miami Digital, get under our wing, we have pleanty of creativity to share.

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